Alessandra B.

Someone asked me recently, "Are you an artist?" I answered reverently, "Yes." "And what is your canvas?" they inquired. I replied, "People." They looked inquisitively onwards. 

A mix of daily exploration, observation and reflection has led Alessandra across cultural, economic and spiritual divides to see, hear and feel our natural human capacity for love and what it means to live in our own human element. Together a background in economics, fashion, farming, fitness, family and her own unique childhood intellectual property of science and beauty informs the goal of creating a space for organic growth to be part of our everyday lives as we connect with our often misunderstood soul.

What would your soul like to do today?


            Josef Crown

Reiki master, energy healer, tantra facilitator, tai chi instructor and inventor. Josef is the infusion of energy forces that have journeyed many individuals to discover the power of self healing, self realization, and self propulsion into manifesting and inviting the highest flight of a sensual voyage of wellness into one’s life.

laura mckinnon.jpg

      Laura McKinnon

Laura brings a strong emphasis to alignment and breath connection into her yoga classes.  With attention to detail she brings the practice to meet the student where they are - in physical, emotional, and mental body.  With her love of yoga and joy for life, she encourages her students to cultivate love and compassion for themselves; igniting the bright light within.


"I feel energized, like I had a cup of coffee. "

Erik, Salon Owner, Zindagi


"It's like you brought ease to the unknown."

Caroline, Founder, Nu Market