the RAW Journal

the RAW Journal was born after a natural hiatus while making babies, nurturing little humans and getting in touch with my own soul. It's earliest roots date back to 2010 when I bought my first batch of scrap leather and sold handmade journals and handbags at a local Christmas fair.

Made out of my own unsatiated need then and now for creativity, connection, and living my own human element outside the walls of judgement, the RAW Journal became a place for every part of me to exist. It is a celebration, the sustenance for everyday life. 

The journey of writing has been deeply profound and something I was afraid once to embrace. Unedited, open- ended writing, reflection, ideas, creation lists, notes, numbers, and drawings all informed my own self- healing.  Alessandra  B.

In every way, the RAW Journal is for us to experience our own lives as they form.

What will you create and what will it show you? 

100 % Scrap Leather

100 % Unique

100 % Handmade

100 % Real

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