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The seed is inside your heart.

josef Crown


The Living Love Retreat

What would it be like if every second of every day felt like love? Take a deep dive into our hearts, mind and body’s inherent wisdom by harnessing life’s natural human elements. In this one-day retreat you will

Learn the science of Love.

Experience “The Art of Living Love”.

Write your own love story.

And become the World’s Best Lover for yourself and others. 

Workshop includes: lunch and journal, connection for body, self and others through tantra, meditation, yoga, writing, music, poetry, nature, nutrition and ritualizing the everyday. 

Recommended reading: The Heart’s Code by Paul Purcell

Filmed by Wave Street Sudios

Contact Alessandra B. (831)238-2681 for questions and tickets and accommodations.

About Us:

Taught by a tantra master, and a journal maker, we're here to expand love making and how it can become a celebration of beauty in our everyday lives. 


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